Solo & Two-Person Exhibitions:

Blind Vanities (w/Allison Lacher): Rick Banger Gallery, Online (2019)
Sitting Pretty
 (w/Allison Lacher): 2018 HPAC Gala, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL (2018)
Sell Me Direct : Side/Lot at the Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL (2018)
Warning Signs : Armstrong Gallery, McLean County Art Center, Bloomington, IL (2018)
Good Neighbors (w/Allison Lacher): What It Is, for the Terrain Biennial in Oak Park, IL (2017)
Subdivision (w/Allison Lacher): University Galleries, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (2017)
Dummy Vexillography : STNDRD at The Luminary, St. Louis, MO (2016)
Sky Parlor (w/Allison Lacher) : Outhaus, Champaign, IL (2016)
I’m Here for Pets (w/Allison Lacher): Ski Club, Milwaukee, WI (2016)
No Diving (w/ Allison Lacher): Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago, IL (2016)
Water. Water. (w/ Allison Lacher): Museum Blue, St. Louis, MO (2015)
A Kitchen Without a Knife is Not a Kitchen (w/ Allison Lacher): Kitchen Space, Chicago, IL (2015)
Filler : UIS Visual Arts Gallery, University of Illinois Springfield, Springfield, IL (2014)
Find & Found (w/ Erin Hayden): Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL (2014)
Artifacts : Applebee Gallery, MacMurray College, Jacksonville, IL (2014)
Sacred : Perkinson Gallery, Millikin University, Decatur, IL (2014)
Additions : James S. Murray Gallery, Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, IL (2013)
Stacks : Heavy Brow Gallery, Bloomington, IL (2013)
Water and Stone (w/ Michael Rutherford): The Times Club, Iowa City, IA (2013)
In Formal Conversations : University Galleries, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (2011)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Like Sirens (curated by Erin Hayden): Open Gallery, Arts of Life, Glenview, IL (2019)
Collage Office
(curated by Melissa Oresky): The Franklin, Chicago, IL (2019)
(curated by Ian Breidenbach): Neon Heater, Findlay, OH (2019)
In Transit (curated by Lauren Leving): Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL (2018)
John the Revelator (curated by Ian Breidenbach): River House Arts, Toledo, OH (2018)
Outside Jokes (curated by Jesse Malmed): DEMO Project, Springfield, IL (2017)
Suspended States : Tessellate Gallery, Pontiac, MI (2017)
Dock 6 Design & Art #10 (curated by Edra Soto and Dan Sullivan): Dock 6 Collective, Chicago, IL (2017)
Attach Files : 50/50, Kansas City, MO (2017)
: Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society, Chicago, IL (2017)
(curated by Mark Joshua Epstein): E. TAY Gallery, New York, NY (2016)
: Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center, Chicago, IL (2016)
Alumni Spectacular 
: University Galleries, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (2015)
Uncanny Valley 
: Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN (2015)
Collage + Assemblage 
: (SCENE) Metrospace, East Lansing, MI (2014)
Hoarding, Amassing & Excess 
: NIU Art Museum, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL (2014)
: Springfield Art Association, Springfield, IL (2014)
Open Door 9 
: Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN (2013)
: Heavy Brow Gallery, Bloomington, IL (2013)
: Applebee Gallery, MacMurray College, Jacksonville, IL (2013)
: Swell Gallery, West Dundee, IL (2012)
Odd Man Out 
: Jan Brandt Gallery, Bloomington, IL (2012)
: Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, NY (2012)
Strange Glue—Collage at 100 
: Thompson Gallery, Weston, MA (2012)
In Your Neighborhood 
: McLean County Art Center, Bloomington, IL (2012)
: Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (2011)
Four More Than Two 
: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (2011)
All New and Exciting 
: McLean County Arts Center, Bloomington, IL (2010)
MFA Invitational 
: Transpace Gallery, Normal, IL (2009)
MFA Biennial 
: University Galleries, Normal, IL (2008)

Selected Exhibitions Curated:

Title Forthcoming : Mark Blanchard, Cassandra Davis, kwabena foli, and Kelly Kristin Jones, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL (2019)
Time Share : Monaco, St. Louis, MO (2019)
Warm Welcome
: Monaco, St. Louis, MO (2019
Let the Fancy
 (co-curated with Allison Lacher): Matt Morris, Rose Nestler, Sherwin Ovid, Preetikah Rajgariah, and Elise Warfield, UIS Visual Arts Gallery, Springfield, IL (2018)
Amanda Bowles, digital dusk shadow storage : UIS Visual Arts Gallery (2018)
demoDEMO (co-curated with Allison Lacher and Brytton Bjorngaard), DEMO Project, Springfield, IL (2018)
Betsy Odom and Rafael E. Vera, Boyish Charms (co-curated*): DEMO Project (2017)
Tom Burtonwood, Opposites Attract (co-curated*): DEMO Project (2017)
Amanda Bowles and Jesse Vogler, Screen Capture I + II : Terrain Biennial Outpost in Enos Park, Springfield, IL (2017)
Melissa Pokorny, Blue at the Edges (co-curated with Allison Lacher): DEMO Project (2017)
NOBODY’S HOME (co-curated*): Lyndon Barrois Jr., Addoley Dzegede, Cole Lu, and Catalina Ouyang, DEMO Project (2017)
Díaz Lewis (Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera and Cara Megan Lewis), Safe Harbor: Work by Díaz Lewis (co-curated with Allison Lacher): UIS Visual Arts Gallery (2017)
Lyndon Barrois Jr., Avez Vous un Crayon? (co-curated with Allison Lacher): UIS Visual Arts Gallery (2016)
Allison Reimus and Rebecca Murtaugh, Hard Candy : DEMO Project (2016)
Mark Joshua Epstein and Will Hutnick, Excavators (co-curated*): DEMO Project (2016)
Edra Soto, TROPICALAMERICAN (co-curated with Allison Lacher): UIS Visual Arts Gallery (2016)
Sage Dawson, Dust (co-curated*): DEMO Project (2015)
Eric Garcia, Strata (co-curated with Allison Lacher): UIS Visual Arts Gallery (2015)
Aimée Beaubien, Winter Thicket (co-curated*): DEMO Project (2015)
Kelly Kaczynski, Awkward & Urgent Objects (co-curated with Allison Lacher): UIS Visual Arts Gallery (2015)

*co-curated with DEMO Project Curatorial Committee

Selected Exhibitions Organized:

Terrain Biennial Outpost in Enos Park (co-organized with Allison Lacher), Springfield, IL (2017)
Sketch Organs (curated by Erin Hayden): Lilli Carré, Kara Gut, Amy Lockhart, and Jessie Mott and Steve Reinke, DEMO Project (2017)
Unfurnished (curated by Erin Hayden): Mel Cook, Max Guy, Liz McCarthy, Betty Roytburd, Emma Safir, and David Sprecher, DEMO Project (2017)
Weight of Light (curated by Melissa Oresky): Paola Cabal, Gina Hunt, Vincent Como, and Angelina Gualdoni, DEMO Project (2017)
Sinking Feeling (curated by Jason Judd): Conrad Bakker, Bethany Carlson, Bill Conger, Eli Craven, Jenny Hansen, and Joel Ross, DEMO Project (2015)
I’m Jealous of Your Failure (curated by Trew Schriefer): UIS Visual Arts Gallery (2014)

Grants, Awards, & Residencies:

HATCH Curatorial Resident, HATCH Projects, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL (2018-2019)
Artist-in-Residence, ACRE, Steuben, WI (2017)
Artist-in-Residence, Ragdale, Lake Forest, IL (2017)
Individual Artist Support Grant, Illinois Arts Council, Chicago, IL (2014)


Floorr Magazine, Issue #11. (2017)
International Painting Annual 3, Exhibition in Print, Cincinnati, OH: Manifest Press. (2014)
New American Paintings #107, Exhibition in Print, Boston, MA: Open Studios Press. (2013)
Strange Glue (Traditional & Avant-garde Collage), Weston, MA: Thompson Gallery, p. 98. (2012)
ABSTRKT, Manifest Volume 57, Cincinnati, OH: Manifest Press. (2011)


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MFA, Painting, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (2011)
BA, Painting, University of Illinois Springfield, Springfield, IL (2007)

Professional Experience:

Instructor of Art, University of Illinois Springfield, Springfield, IL (2012-Present)
Gallery Director, Visual Arts Gallery, University of Illinois Springfield, Springfield, IL (2012-Present)
Co-Vice President, Terrain Exhibitions, Oak Park, IL (2018-Present)
Co-Director & Founding Member, DEMO Project, Springfield, IL (2013-2018)